Getting rid of anxiety and panic attacks with Hypnosis

You are in a more or less permanent state of anxiety without knowing its cause, you may have acute anxiety attacks, fear of the future, you feel unsafe , you may have a negative and pessimistic vision of your existence, you depreciate yourself, you may have depressive tendencies. You may have trouble falling asleep or have nightmares. You're probably tense or you lack strength and energy. Over time you no longer have sexual desire or see it decline. In more severe cases you can experience one or more respiratory problems (chest tightness, an impression of suffocating) or heart problems, emotional shaking, crying, screaming, stupor, palpitations, syncope, digestive problems ( spasms, colic, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting). Stress-generating situations can worsen your feelings of anxiety and even cause acute anxiety attacks.

You would like to master this sinking feeling, to feel more serene about the future, to have more confidence in yourself and your ability to move forward in life, you want to increase your self-worth, and have an optimistic view of your future. You also want to feel more relaxed, full of energy, active and dynamic, to get rid of psychosomatic disorders. Hypnosis allows you to change your internal state, your vision about yourself, your life and your future, change your behavior and reactions to stressful situations, and therefore change your life.

Anna Iourenkova

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