• Know your Worth
    by Anna Iourenkova

  • Discover a treasure
    inside yourself

  • Increase
    your value

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This is a 30 minute long video-meditation made taking into account psychological knowledge and the functioning of the subconscious mind. The video-meditation is made by Anna Iourenkova, certified hypnotherapist trained in psychotherapy.

Quick results

This video-meditation will increase your self-confidence quicker than any other conscious therapy.

Aesthetic pleasure

Besides the therapeutic goal, the video-meditation is beautifully realized.

Unique animations

This video-meditation is a creation by Anna Iourenkova

Time and money saved

Classical psychotherapy can last months and years. Here you feel progressive results after watching this video-meditation from a period of a week up to a month.

Believe in yourself

Discover your talents

with this meditation

Realize your abilities,

your goals, your dreams!

Recognize your worth

and succeed!

If you have questions

If after subscribing you still would like more information, you may contact me on my email: iourenkovaa@yahoo.fr