Video-meditation "Unlock your genius"



his 30 minutes video-meditation is aimed to wake up your inner hidden genius capacities, to develop your genius mind by teaching you 9 rules of genius mentality, to increase your self-worth and, as a consequence, your wealth. These rules are found and explained by the author.

The results come progressively during the days and weeks after having watched it while your mind goes on integrating the suggestions and transforming your way of thinking and acting to make you more genius.

The more you watch it, the better your results
Below you can watch below 4 min excerpt out of 30 min video-meditation to have an idea about what it looks like.
Full screen view is available

I express my gratitude for a wonderful music used in this meditation to Chris Zabriskie “Cylinder nine” (that you hear in this excerpt and in the whole meditation) Licence Creative Commons Attributions and Kevin MacLeod “Light Awash” (that you hear in the whole meditation) Licence Creative Commons Attributions

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