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Who am I?

My values :
intégrity, professionnalism,
ethics and kindness

Naturopathy has historically been an important part of existing care in Russia, my country of origin. Since childhood, natural care, as well as methods of strengthening the immune system by cold water, and later fasting, were part of my daily life and my education which allowed me to get rid of bronchitis and chronic angina and repetitive pneumonias first, and then of other health problems. Later I studied more seriously naturopathy and I go on reading the most recent international scientific research concerning different natural extracts. First of all, I test this knowledge on myself in order to put theory into practice and to see results with my own eyes. Since naturopathy always fascinates me.


Aging Regulation
Naturopathy and nutrition:

Certified in "Regulation of aging with or without peptides", Institute of qualification augmentation and NPCRIZ, St.Petersbourg

Certified Naturopath, Manchester. Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists

Certified Master Herborist, Manchester

Certified Nutritionist, Manchester

Genetics & Epigenetics

Certified in « Good brain, bad brain : Parkinson's » , University of Birmingham 

Certified in « Management of Parkinson's disease » , University system of Maryland

Certified in « Advanced neurobiology » , University of Pekin

Certified in « Good brain, bad brain : basics » , University of Birmingham

Certified in « Understanding cancer metastasis » , Johns Hopkins University

Certified in « Demystifying targeted cancer treatments » , Cancer Research, UK

Certified in « Fondamentals of Immunology. Innate immunity and B-cell function, University of Rice

Certified in « Fondamentals of Immunology. Innate immunity and T-cell function , University of Rice

Certified in « Epigenetic control of gene expression » , University of Melbourne

Certified in « The Molecular mechanisms of aging » , University of Groningen

Certified in « Inside cancer: how genes influence cancer development », University of Bath, UK

Certified in« From disease to genes and back » , State University of Novossibirsk, Russia

Certified inBiologie moléculaire et Génétique, Institute of bioinformatics, St.Petersbourg

Hypnosis and psychotherapy:

Flash® Hypnosis and Integrative® Hypnosis Practitioner, European Institute of Integrative® Hypnosis, Nice, France

Trained in Rapid and Immediate Hypnosis, France

Practitioner of Ericksonian Hypnosis, CERFPA, St.Laurent du Var, France

Master II degree in  Human Sciences (including pedagogy, psychology and languages), State Pedagogical University, Kazan, Russia

Psychotherapist trained in psychopathology, psychoanalysis, psychosomatics, child's psychology, social psychology, art therapy, hypnosis, psychodrama, psychogenealogy. CERFPA, France (4 years graduate studies)

Master-Practitioner in NLP, CERFPA, France

Master II ( former DEA) degree in Political  Science, University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis, Nice, France

Former member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), London

Languages: French, Russian, English

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Quit smoking
+ Detoxification


I have more than 10 years of experience of smoking cessation, as well as other similar problems.
Hypnosis I practice is the most reliable and effective method to become free of addictions. A hypnosis session preceded by a consultation is usually enough to stop smoking, provided you are motivated and have a more or less stable life, you are able to manage it without nervousness, or suffering. If, on the other hand, you are depressed or excessively stressed, it is better to treat stress or depression under hypnosis before stopping smoking. This condition also concerns other addictions, because the suffering, the depression or the excessive stress are catalisers of relapses (if not taken into account and treated in advance). For this reason, be honest with yourself. Other addictions in general require a few sessions to be eliminated completely.
Hypnosis sessions are based on solid knowledge in psychotherapy, hypnosis and are strictly personalized. By working on your addiction, I take into account your sources of stress, frustration.

+ Naturopathy advice:

- Correction of vitamin deficiency caused by tobacco . Tobacco decreases the absorption of certain vitamins in the intestine, which can affect your emotional state, cause anxiety or irritability, and even cause more serious health problems.

- Detoxification of heavy metals such as cadmium and other toxins present in tobacco. Stop smoking does not mean that you automatically get rid heavy metals and other toxins that you have absorbed with cigarettes for all these years and which remain stuck in your organs and tissues while continuing to poison and age you until you detoxify completely your body.

- Detoxification and restoration of the liver

- Detoxification and restoration of the brain if needed

- Phytotherapeutic support of your emotional state, if needed

- Acceleration of metabolism to prevent weight gain. When quitting smoking, people often find that their metabolism is slowing down even if they do not eat more. Natural methods to speed up your metabolism exist.

- Regulating how your gut works. If the cigarette was used to speed up bowel evacuation, stopping smoking can cause constipation. This problem can be avoided thanks to naturopathy.

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Weight loss

- Uncontrolled and / or disproportionate intake of food caused by anxiety and / or emotional void;

- The physiological dysfunction of the body (hypothyroidism, diabetes and some other autoimmune diseases, pre- and postmenopausal, polycystic ovary syndrome, fatigue of the adrenal glands).

In general, several causes may be involved, especially when we know that metabolism tends to slow down with age, while chronic or intensive stress depletes the adrenal glands, contributes to hormonal imbalance, reduces insulin sensitivity and can disrupt the thyroid ..

Hypnosis I have been practicing for over ten years is a very effective method of weight loss, but can only handle a part of these causes! More specifically, hypnosis can act on psychological causes (stress, anxiety, insecurity, fears, emotional emptiness) and on the control of food (reduce portions, stop nibbling, without being frustrated unlike with diets).

On the other hand, it does not act on the physiological dysfunction or the already installed diseases, or on the consequences of the aging of the organism. Hypnosis finds its limits and naturopathy takes over

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The dysfunction of carbohydrate metabolism with recurrent hyperglycemia and the development of insulin resistance are at the core of type II diabetes. Scientific research shows that this insulin resistance can be improved and the blood glucose level lowered thanks to certain natural extracts. A change of diet is also necessary. The people concerned are often overweight and require qualified help to lose weight(especially under hypnosis that I practice too).

Autoimmunity with reduced insulin production and consequent rise in blood sugar levels are at the core of type I diabetes. The reduction (or elimination, if possible) of triggering sources of autoimmunity is necessary. In addition, researchers have shown that a special diet and specific plant extracts are able to lower blood sugar.

In addition, it may be useful to inform you about the naturopathic prevention of the consequent cardiac and visual disorders of diabetes.
According to the law, naturopathic support is not meant to replace the allopathic treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Phone: 06 61 56 12 35


Autoimmune diseases

The cause of autoimmune diseases is often advertised as unknown. Of course, not only the cause, or rather a multiplicity of causes exist, but they are identifiable (and therefore understandable), which gives the opportunity to pay special attention to them in order to correct them. The well-being of the person concerned begins with understanding the mechanisms of development of his (her) illness and the acceptance to change his(her) lifestyle, possibly diet, to learn how to manage his (her) stress ... Targeted naturopathic support , hypnosis may be very useful.

According to the law, naturopathic support is not meant to replace the allopathic treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Info: 06 61 56 12 35


Immune system

A properly functioning immune system is important to protect our body from viruses, bad bacteria and cancer. As we know well, prevention is always smarter than cure. This prevention can be done daily through natural means: plant extracts and other specific means as shown by scientific research. It is also a good accompaniment during illness.

According to the law, naturopathic support is not meant to replace the allopathic treatment prescribed by your doctor.

On the other hand, an immune system that functions excessively in the form of autoimmune attacks on one's own organs and body tissues is another extreme and the problem itself requires a complex approach. In any case, scientific research shows that it is possible to attenuate autoimmunity (and in some cases to completely suppress it) with some means of naturopathy, a proper lyfestyle and diet.

Info: 06 61 56 12 35


Boosting fertility

If you wish for one reason or another to improve your fertility, it is useful to learn what influences it negatively and what influences it positively. Several factors have a negative impact on your fertility and must be known and taken into account in order to avoid or compensate for them. On the other hand, you can learn about scientific research that has examined the power of certain natural extracts to increase female and / or male fertility. If you wish to conceive a child, it is good to know the list of ingredients commonly used in the kitchen to avoid before and during pregnancy, as they may have a contraceptive or abortive effect.

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Digestive problems

Recurring digestive problems such as excess acidity, poor digestion, bloating and flatulence, constipation and diarrhea are commonly treated with naturopathy

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Arthritis, osteoarthritis,
osteochondritis of neck

Degeneration of joints and bones is a problem that is often associated with age, but can also be hereditary, or be the result of infections, as in the case of Lyme disease. Neck osteochondritis is often linked to a sedentary lifestyle. Before choosing a complementary treatment, it is important to make accurate examinations and have an exact diagnosis made by your doctor. It is only then that a naturopathic accompaniment can be chosen in addition. If you know that your family members have this kind of problem, and you think you might develop it too, it may be useful to inform yourself about naturopathic prevention measures, especially at the first signs of joint or bone degeneration.

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Depression /

A dual approach is often necessary: ​​psychotherapy and / or hypnosis (I practice both) in order to solve the psychological causes of depression or anxiety, modify the reactions and consequently, the emotional state; and naturopathy if necessary.

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(hair loss)

Hair loss can have several causes, but in all cases becomes psychologically disabling for the person concerned. Before choosing a naturopathic treatment, it is important to elucidate the cause. Start by asking your doctor to prescribe thyroid tests, as well as your testosterone level. In the absence of disease that could be the cause of alopecia, there are natural ways that can at least alleviate the problem of alopecia (or resolve it completely in some cases).

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of heart problems

If you know that by your lifestyle or heredity you may be predisposed to developing heart problems, it is prudent to inform yourself about natural prevention methods.

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Liver restoration

Our liver is supposed to fulfill very important functions of both detoxification of the organism, but also of our own "chemical factory" responsible for manufacturing some essential elements for our organism, and storing certain vitamins, glycogen ...Diets high in fat, alcohol, toxins, and certain medications damage our liver and, as a result, prevent it from performing these functions, which in turn triggers other problems and diseases. Liver restoration is essential. You can learn about the existence of some scientifically proven natural extracts to be able to restore damaged liver functions.

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The therapy can be done either in my office in Nice, or by phone, WhatApp, skype.

Remote therapy must be paid in advance by PAYPAL. Phone: +33 (0)661 56 12 35, Email: annaiourenkova@gmail.com

Ask me for an appointment: 06 61 56 12 35