Video-hypnosis for cancer patients "Healing Life Flow"



his 30 minutes video-hypnosis is aimed to increase motivation to stay alive and be healthy, to improve the immune system and to accelerate healing processes in the body. This hypnosis is designed using modern trance inducing tools and healing verbal and visual suggestions.

It's meant to be watched with open eyes because the traditional "sleep" state commonly associated with hypnosis is not necessary for the suggestions to be properly integrated by the subconscious mind. A light state of trance or relaxation is enough for this.

This video-hypnosis should be watched during a day time, several hours before going to sleep in order to avoid any perturbation of melatonin production. This concerns only this video-hypnosis due to the reason that it emits a lot of light.

Price – 50€

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Anna Iourenkova

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