Sexotherapy with Hypnosis


emale sexual disorders:

Psychosomatic vasocongestif disorders or absence of female sexual responsiveness

You have a sexual desire, and the relationship with your partner shows no problems, but your body does not react to excitement, especially in the genital area. The absence or lack of lubrication hinders sexual satisfaction. But there's no physiological or gynaecological reason for it.

You want your body to function normally and allow the fulfillment of your sexual desire. Through hypnosis your body can learn or relearn to react with excitement to sexual stimulation. Hypnosis also allows you to free yourself from fears, complexes, psychological blocks.

Absence or disappearance of libido

You no longer have sexual desire. You would like to discover again this desire to desire. Hypnosis also helps to awake sexual desire and to increase it, and through this to bring revival to your couple.


You can not make love because penetration is prevented by uncontrollable spasms of the vagina (vaginal sphincter and levator ani). You want to be able to relax your genital muscles during penetration, and thus enjoy sex. Hypnosis allows you to learn to control the contraction and relaxation of your genital muscles. If vaginismus is due to previous trauma such as rape or others, hypnosis can treat trauma as a priority and transform the affect which was related to it.

Preorgasmia (dysorgasmia or anorgasmia)

You are sexually aroused, you have pleasure during the sexual act, but you can not achieve orgasm. Thus, you remain eternally unsatisfied. You want to completely let go and to have orgasms. Hypnosis helps achieve this.


You feel pain in the genitals during and after sex. There may be organic dysfunction accompanied by psychosomatic factors. Is mainly the latter that hypnosis will treat. Hypnosis allows you to control the pain, to make intercourse painless at the desired time and to enjoy it.

Male sexual disorders:

Vasocongestif psychosomatic disorders and erectile dysfunction, sexual failure, impotence

You have regular or occasional erection problems. You want to have a normal and lasting erections, get rid of fears, blockages, complexes, and / or to regain sexual desire. Hypnosis can help you.

Ejaculation disorders. Premature ejaculation : absent, late, retrograde

In the case of premature ejaculation you feel that mastery of ejaculation escapes you, everything happens too fast when you have not had time either to enjoy the sexual act, or to satisfy your partner, your orgasms are unsatisfying. With each experience you prepare yourself to the same result. You want to enjoy the sexual act and to satisfy your partner before ejaculating. Hypnosis allows you to control your ejaculation. Attention : the missing or delayed ejaculation may be the result of organ dysfunction and should be previously examined by medical professionals.
Hypnosis can only act on the psychological component of the disorder.


The origin of pain during ejaculation or intercourse is often organic and requires analysis and medical treatment. Hypnosis is used for the psychological anticipation and pain control.

Sexual problems are more than ever visible in our society both in men (erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation) and in women (vaginismus, anorgasmia, frigidity). Despite a large interest in the subject from mass media and many articles devoted to it, sexual problems haven't disappeared. Here's a few reasons: stress from daily life, a lack of understanding between spouses, and a lack of quality in information from the sexual domain, the couple's routine, untreated latent trauma in a partner, and finally changing gender roles in society in recent decades resulting in the disruption of gender self-identification only aggravate the situation.

The quality of the relationship of the couple, the absence or presence of love and of mutual respect between partners, the quality of communication between them, the ability to manage the daily stress and not let other areas of life spill over into the private life - all these things directly or indirectly influence the quality of sex.

In some cases, sexual disorders are partly the result of a lack of true sexual culture and romantic feelings, replaced by a search for quick fun, raw and often selfish pleasure or by a technical primacy over the relationship.

The presence of traumas in one partner may have a negative impact on his or her ability or desire to have sex, as well as to have fun. These traumas need to be treated to allow the concerned person to have satisfactory intercourse. Understanding and tenderness from the partner, however, are necessary.

As for the impact of gender relations, the emancipation of women leads them to shout loudly for their right to sexual satisfaction lifting the veil from the existence of sexual disorders. The emancipation of women demanding equal rights between men and women can often go to the loss of female identity and the transfer to a clearly male or asexual identity which, in its turn, plays a role in men's castration. But how can a woman be satisfied by a man she has just castrated?

The man also has his part of the responsibility for the quality of sex and some female sexual disorders. Men and women have different functions in this area. The lack of understanding of how the other functions can make men lack tact, tenderness, caresses and time for their partner. 

What to do?

Sexual problems sometimes prove to be a symptom of other psychological difficulties and require a serious psychotherapy. The good news is that these problems are not eternal, but a symptom that can be treated and removed just as fast as it appeared. A therapy using only an analytic approach is not very efficient, and usually it's very long.

Integrative® Hypnosis* is a brief therapy that is more appropriate for such problems. Its effectiveness is due to its high degree of customization compared to other types of hypnosis. Few sessions are enough to solve sexual problems. If there's trauma behind these sexual problems, there must be an additional session to work on the trauma separately. Contrary to the opinion of psychoanalysts, hypnosis does not treat only the symptom. Hypnosis works on the state, causes and symptoms at the same time, bypassing the conscious mind and a rational approach and directly going to the human unconscious mind, which explains the time gained and the convincing results of hypnosis compared to other therapies.

Anna Iourenkova

*The Integrative® Hypnosis mentioned here and in all other articles is the one created by Gérôme Ettzevoglov, the founder of the European Institute of Integrative Hypnosis (IEHI), in France, and should Not be confused with its homonym practiced in the United States

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