Public speaking and Hypnosis

You have to speak in public . But, you feel intimidated, you lack self-confidence, you may perceive others as looking at you with hostility, criticizing you, or you have the impression of being judged, you can even lose your abilities, have palpitations, sweat, blush, your throat may become dry, you can lose your voice or stutter, or have difficulties finding your words, your brain refuses to function in an operational manner, you are afraid you might forget important information, you are overwhelmed by fright, afraid of failing, of appearing stupid, ridiculous. You can understand that your reaction are illogical, there's no foundation for your fear, it does not help you. What to do

Hypnosis is effective for this kind of difficulties. Without having to go through your conscious mind which has been blocking you all this time, hypnosis acts directly on the subconscious mind and changes your state and your perception of the situation and of yourself. Through hypnosis you develop your self-confidence, you remain calm and sure of yourself before and during the speech, you master your body, your voice, your brain and memory are functioning normally.

Anna Iourenkova

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