Quitting smoking or drinking alcohol with Hypnosis

It was so easy to start smoking, and it seems so difficult for some smokers to quit, at least by their own means. We tell ourselves stories: "... it's nice .. I have time to stop ...". But we realize that tobacco has become a real addiction, we are addicted. In this case you should contact a competent specialist who will accompany you in this process.

The demand to stop smoking has risen since smoking bans in public space have been put into place. Various tobacco cessation methods are currently available for smokers wishing to quit. Among these there are tobacco cessation by hypnosis. Most often it is Ericksonian hypnosis which is used. This kind of hypnosis is very permissive, soft and not very customized to the story and personality of the subject wishing to quit smoking. This method works in some cases and the result often depends on the talent of the hypnotist. It often requires several sessions.

With Integrative® Hypnosis* one session often is sufficient provided that the subject is motivated. This motivation is essential. Another important condition for a successful stop smoking session is an absence of depression and a reasonable level of stress. If not, it's better to treat first depression and stress before starting tobacco cessation hypnosis.

This result is due to the unique method of Integrative® Hypnosis whose characteristics are the high degree of customization and composition of methods the best suited to tobacco cessation. Each person has inside without knowing all the necessary resources and the most effective solutions to solve his or her problems and to achieve his or her goals. The hypnotist should find and use them in order to help the person succeed his or her goal.

Integrative® Hypnosis is also effective for other addictions such as alcoholism, drugs (several sessions are needed), bulimia, coffee, sugar, emotional dependency, gambling addiction, computer and other.

Anna Iourenkova

*The Integrative® Hypnosis mentioned here and in all other articles is the one created by Gérôme Ettzevoglov, the founder of the European Institute of Integrative Hypnosis (IEHI), in France, and should Not be confused with its homonym practiced in the United States

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