Different types of phobias or terrifying fears, and relief from them with hypnosis


hobia (or a terrifying fear) of different modes of transport

You are afraid to use the bus, train, plane, car, or are afraid to drive ... You try to avoid it. However, this is not always possible. When you do have to use this mode of transport, you have a panic attack, with a rapid heartbeat and panting, body trembling, weakness, lack of self control, dizziness, even fainting. You have decided to get rid of this phobia, to stop being afraid, to feel free, safe and relaxed in any kind of transport. The hypnosis that I practice will help you.

Claustrophobia or a terrifying fear of confined spaces

You are afraid to be in an enclosed space where you have a feeling of suffocation, or fear of being crushed, followed by panic ... You try to stay away from them as much as possible, but you can't always avoid enclosed spaces. You have decided to do everything to overcome this phobia. This is possible through hypnosis, which will make you feel calmer and more confident in this situation, breathe freely and fully control yourself in an enclosed space.

Agoraphobia or a terrifying fear of open spaces

You are afraid of large open spaces or being in a crowd. One or both of these factors make you panic. Your activities are limited to certain areas, beyond which you are afraid to go. If you leave these areas, it is very rare and you need to be accompanied. Hypnosis will allow you to feel comfortable and fully protected beyond your comfort zone and / or in a crowd, and thus extend the perimeter of your activities.

Acrophobia, or fear of heights and emptiness

You are afraid of emptiness, heights, afraid of falling into the void and you panic even just thinking about such circumstances. Hypnosis allows you to control your emotions and your state at a high altitude, while remaining calm and feeling protected.

Erotophobia or fear of blushing

You are afraid of blushing in public. You avoid public appearances for this reason. This limits your activities. You want to get rid of this fear and stop blushing. Hypnosis allows you to get rid of this phobia and have a normal face color during public appearances.

Nosophobia or a terrifying fear of becoming infected and sick

You are afraid of serious diseases. You avoid people with these diseases. You have a very strict healthy lifestyle. You pay attention to everything. You control everything, particularly what is associated with purity and health. But your phobia persists and you are tired of this way of life, the overcontrol and constant fear. Hypnosis will allow you to feel free from this fear about your health.

The phobia of germs and dirt

You are afraid of germs and dirt, you wash your hands as often as you can, you avoid the use of public toilets, you constantly clean your house. However, this way of life has become uncomfortable for you. Hypnosis helps you get rid of your phobia and allows you to feel more protected against germs, and therefore, lets you choose another way of life that suits you best.

Phobias of small or big animals

You are afraid of cockroaches, mice, spiders, snakes, crocodiles ... This fear seems inexplicable to you, but it is stronger than all logical arguments.  You want to get rid of this phobia. Hypnosis will make you feel completely safe and free of your fears.

Anna Iourenkova

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