Pregnancy and Hypnosis

Hypnosis has been used successfully in several areas related to pregnancy: First, hypnosis allows you to remove all the psychological blocks associated with pregnancy. It often happens that a woman can not get pregnant for a long time, with all medical tests showing no abnormalities. In this case, the reason of the problem lies in the mind : the fears related to pregnancy or childbirth, future changes in life after the birth of a child, a subconscious reluctance to have children with a particular man, past traumas associated with birth or sex concerning this woman or her family members. These fears and stress can block the ability to become pregnant. Therefore, they must be removed with the help of hypnosis and free the woman from all psychological trauma. Also, hypnosis is effective for the growth of eggs in women, even after forty years when their number is usually reduced. Under the influence of hypnosis the body is able to produce new eggs in an appropriate quantity and quality. Hypnosis is effective to release toxicosis and to let the woman live comfortably during her pregnancy. Furthermore, many women are too nervous during pregnancy. But as we know, all the emotions of the mother are transmitted to the fetus. Also in times of stress or anxiety the mother can have a psychosomatic reaction expressed in the form of muscle spasms of the abdomen, which naturally affects the fetus, because in this way not only the fetus can be exposed to muscle contraction, but also the umbilical cord, which gives it all vital elements for life and growth. Especially if the woman was nervous, anxious, or prone to stress before pregnancy, then prevention using hypnosis is necessary to change her response to sources of stress and to allow her to stay calm during the whole pregnancy, thereby creating ideal conditions for the development of the fetus. Also hypnosis can prepare the woman for childbirth, psychologically as well as for pain relief. Moreover, as we know, many mothers have postpartum depression, which can also be avoided and treated through hypnosis.

Anna Iourenkova

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