Getting rid of affective addiction with Hypnosis

A happy and reciprocal love is the greatest gift that we can ever get. But sometimes love turns to torture, especially when it is unrequited, or when you are betrayed, or abandoned. You stay alone with this feeling, which fills now your wounded heart with sorrow and pain, while the wound has not yet been healed, continuing to remind you about it every day. So, months pass after a painful separation, and the thought and the lack of understanding of about what happened, why you could deserve this punishment, why you were left or betrayed .., mixed with happy memories of the past continue to torment your mind. Often you may cycle through memories, unanswered questions, misunderstandings and the inability to accept the fact and the inability to turn the page. You may fixate on the pain, every day reproducing it with your own thoughts and memories, endlessly tormenting yourself and somewhere deep down continue to hope that the unfaithful partner finally will realize his or her mistakes, repent and return. Sometimes it happens, but rarely and briefly. Most often, this partner lives his or her own life without even knowing and thinking about the suffering of the abandoned. Worse, when the victim is constantly reminding their former partner about their suffering, pursues him or her, begging in tears for them to come back, promising to move mountains for them... In this case, the last one loses all respect for the victim. The victim becomes despised.

Trying to return the partner who left you by doing this is useless. It would be better if you could take a sober look at the situation and realize that you deserve more, and people who have behaved in this way with you are not worth your love. But the mind is often clouded by pain and incapable of a sober analysis of the situation and the relevant decision-making. What can you do? Wait, when the time finally heal you? Or switch to another partner? But often, in this case the scenario is repeated.

There's a way out, certainly not in the form of an instant magic wand, but in the form of a deep working on yourself. You should get rid of the causes, the roots of an affective addiction to your partner. Just an analytic work would not be enough here. It's not sufficient to understand why you react in this way, and why you suffer for such a long time. You must also get rid of the patterns of behavior that leaded you to the suffering, and free yourself from such reactions. Hypnosis is by far the most effective and quickest way to change our reactions, emotions, patterns of behavior, attitudes and to release from addictions. After completing specialized hypnotherapy, a previously dependent person acquires independence, pain vanishes and he or she looks at the situation with a new distant look. Most importantly, it gives back time and energy for the realization of goals and dreams, for self-realization. Then this person starts to behave differently in a new relationship, which respectively develops in a new, more harmonious way.

Anna Iourenkova

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