Healing psychosomatic problems with Hypnosis

Many people suffer from various aches that do not have physical causes, ranging from headaches to pains in the stomach or abdomen, caused by stress, anxiety, fear, or by words or memories symbolizing something painful or unbearable. As you know, the body expresses all that we can not accept or what we can not deal with consciously or unconsciously during sleep, for example. The body becomes an instrument transmitting information, controlled by the subconscious mind when the mind does not or can not accept the reality and solve problems. People naively try to get rid of these symptoms with pills, but in this case, either pills do not help, or the symptom is transferred to another part of the body. This happens because the pills do not solve the psychological cause of these symptoms. At the beginning of the onset of the symptoms, they do not pose any danger, since they are expressed by the usual momentary strain or muscular spasms in some parts of the body such as the back or the heart area in the chest. Often this strain associated with stress, anxiety or disappointments in love are confused with heart disease. But over time, the constant spasms of pericardial muscles disrupts the heart, blood circulation, and can actually lead to real problems. The same thing happens with psychosomatic strain caused by pain in the back, shoulders and neck, initially caused by stress. Tense muscles can pinch nerves that move the vertebrae and later create other real problems. Women often have abdominal cramps associated with stress, spasms of the vagina associated with painful traumatic sexual experience, migraines .... Stomach ulcers are often a consequence of stress, which causes spasms in the solar plexus and stomach. Strokes are caused by a sharp increase in pressure in moments of anger, severe irritation, severe stress, directing a large influx of blood to the head. The circulatory system which has lost its elasticity and strength with age, can not handle this. And of course the king of psychosomatic disease is cancer. If we exclude cases of genetically-caused cancer, the cancer caused by exposure to chemicals and radioactive substances, and the hormone-dependent cancer, in almost all other cases, the cancer has a psychological cause, that is, suffering, frustration, concealed hatred, depression, or even subconscious unwillingness to live or a slow suicide. 

In all these cases, hypnosis not only helps relieve or attenuate the symptoms, but also eliminates the psychological reasons by changing the way they are interpreted and modifying the reaction to them in a variety of situations, and life in general, making you believe in yourself and the ability of the organism. Even in the treatment of cancerous tumors hypnosis helps speed up medical treatment and reduce side effects of chemotherapy, get rid of the fear of cancer and death, it solves all the psychological causes of cancer and enhances the immune system. Personally, I managed with just self-hypnosis to heal myself of precancerous tumor.

Anna Iourenkova

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