Is Hypnosis for you?

Check out whether hypnotherapy sessions are for you!

Hypnotherapy sessions  are designed for you if:

You are mentally healthy and stable, but you have a problem which you would like to solve.

- You suffer from neurosis, and you want to get rid of it.

- You really want to solve your problem.

- You have a strong motivation.

- You take responsibility for your life instead of shifting it onto other people.

- You are ready for a positive change in your life.

- You are ready to act to bring these changes into practice.

- You are ready to follow all my therapeutic instructions that allow you to quickly implement your goal.

- You trust me and your subconscious mind and make this choice consciously and voluntarily.

- You recognize that some changes in life need time and occur gradually, while others may take place more quickly. It depends on each particular problem and each individual.

Sessions of hypnotherapy are not for you if:

- Attention! If you know that you are suffering from the following psychopathological disorders: schizophrenia, paranoia, manic-depression or bipolar disorder, prone to thoughts of suicide (especially if you have already tried to bring them into action), only hypnosis with the supervision of an experienced therapist is permitted for you!

- You like to shift responsibility for your failures onto others. By doing this, you will never be able to analyze the causes of your failures, and thus correct them and come to success.

- You expect a miracle, while you are not willing to do anything to solve your problems. This is the position of a child, dependent on a strong adult. You need first to grow up and take responsibility for your life.

- You play the role of the incurable patient. You have seen a lot of professionals, and, oddly enough, no one can help you. The role of the patient has become a major role in your life. It is your choice and your responsibility.

- You are not ready to change your life. Changes scare you. It is much easier for you to continue to live in misery than to change your life, even if these changes lead to welfare and happiness.

- It's important for you to feel stronger than the therapist who helps you. Resisting is more important to you than solving your problem. It means that you lack self-confidence. In this case you have to work on it by yourself to be able later to accept and respect the competence of others without feeling humiliated at the same time.

- You are unable to accept help from others, it seems that it humiliates you.

- You feel the need to criticize everything that surrounds you. The need for criticism is due to your self-doubt. By criticizing others you are trying to increase your worth, but also reject the opportunity to get help from someone else, because by criticizing what you receive, you are trying to devalue the help that you get.

- You want to get everything at once, while changing nothing in your life.

- Continuing to live with your problems is easier for you than solving them.

Anna Iourenkova

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