How Hypnosis helps to get rid of humiliation and repression of your personal identity by others at home and at work

These kinds of situations are fairly typical. At work, your boss or co-worker is constantly nagging you, criticizing you and your work with or without cause, putting pressure on you, making you doubt the quality of your work and yourself, every day destroying your self-confidence. You are afraid of confrontation, so you let them do it, while you suffer. You feel worse and worse. You may already think that you're nothing, incapable .... 

Or in the family: your husband (or wife) constantly finds fault with you, blames and criticizes you, constantly repeats that everything that you do is bad, that you are ugly and useless, you're bad in bed and/or in the kitchen, that your friends are so worthless that you have to stop being friends with them, or you have to stop seeing your parents …  

For some, this situation is not only well known, but banal, so much so that they are not looking for a way out of it anymore, quietly resigned to what is popularly called psychological vampirism. But allowing your destructive partner or boss to ruin your self-confidence and deepening your dependence on them in this way, you will not only indulge their impunity for the perverted behavior, but also allow the situation to damage your health. Health problems from depression to cancer as a result of constant psychological destruction and humiliation are a frequent logical consequence. The price you pay, allowing others to destroy yourself, is too big, and if you let the situation go on, the consequences can be fatal. 

Also if you have children who witness constant humiliation of one parent by another, this pattern of behavior can create deep roots in their subconscious mind, so that they are likely to reproduce it in future relationships. 

What can you do, especially if you do not believe in yourself and you do not have power to get out of this situation by yourself?

Many patients come to me with this problem, in particular women. With hypnosis I help them regain their self-confidence, ability to respond to attacks on their personality and to put the offender in his place. For some this is enough, and the former offender suddenly begins to respect them. Others find the strength to get rid of the destructive partner and start a new life, or to change their job for another one where they are respected and valued. It's all possible thanks to hypnosis. 

Anna Iourenkova

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