Hypnosis and self-confidence

You have the impression of lacking self-confidence. You don't dare speak in public, assert yourself, impose yourself, or say "No". You are likely to let others speak and make decisions for you, abuse you. Perhaps it has happened that you have missed a job, an opportunity, a chance even if objectively you have all the qualities, and you have let less competent people take them. Or maybe you do not dare get close to the person you like, let him or her know your feelings by letting him or her go with someone else. You often doubt yourself, your choices, your decisions, you end up thinking that it is an undeniable trait of your personality, a "cross" that you have to bear until the end of days and you have nothing to do than to accept it. You think that if only you had enough confidence, your life would be completely different.

It turns out that this self-confidence is not always a gift from birth and isn't just for a few elected people. In addition, successful people that we are used to seeing as a perfect example of self-confidence, have were often timid in their youth. They acquired and strengthened their self-confidence during their lives and experiences. For this reason self-confidence is within the realm of possibility. Like them, you can force yourself to confront new experiences and strengthen your self-confidence from success to success. Of course, no one is immune from what is commonly considered "failure" which in some conditions could put into question your newfound self-confidence. But if, while throwing you into battle, you take into account the possibility of "failure" and you are ready to win or to lose and start over, you have a good chance to boost your self-confidence, whatever the result may be. Because what matters is that you draw a positive and instructive conclusions from your result. And what was considered as "failure" only proves that a result is sometimes richer in education, potential and possibilities for future success than success itself. This state of mind let you be successful in any circumstance and build self-confidence step by step whatever happens.

If however you are not able to do it by yourself, hypnosis could be very useful and effective. With hypnosis you will come to significantly increase your confidence and use it in specific situations that previously were sources of trouble.

Anna Iourenkova

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