Video-meditation "Energizing Life Flow"



his 30 minutes video-meditation is aimed to increase your level of energy thanks to several means: modifying your way of functioning in order to stop wasting energy, canalise better your energy, produce more energy and take it from exterior sources. These results are achieved thanks to direct and indirect suggestions (verbal, visual, conscious and subconscious)included in this meditation.

The results in your level of energy come progressively during the days and weeks after having watched it while your mind goes on integrating the suggestions and transforming your behaviour to make this energy increase possible.

This video-meditation should be watched during a day time, several hours before going to sleep in order to avoid any perturbation of melatonin production. This concerns only this video-meditation due to the reason that it emits a lot of light.

The more you watch it, the better your results
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Another excerpt out of this meditation: Energy exchange during a conversation

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Anna Iourenkova

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