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his audio-recorded hypnosis was initially created for cancer patients. As scientists say, all carbohydrates (sugar and starch) are dangerous for this category of people because they trigger and feed cancer. Despite this knowledge, some people can't stop eating carbohydrates on their own despite the need and the desire to do it, because eating sugar became an addiction. This audio-recorded hypnosis is destined to help these people to get rid of this addiction and to really stop eating sugar containing food and starch (or at least reduce the amount of it).

This audio-recorded hypnosis can also be useful for other people who would like to become free from this addiction.

Usually, when I see a person with this kind of problem in my office, we need several sessions to solve it completely. With an audio-recorded hypnosis, you will have an opportunity to listen to the session as many times as you need.

An important point to take into account: an addiction, whatever it is, never comes without reason. Besides a genetic predisposition, another condition is a presence of any kind of dissatisfaction in life of this person, or a considerable insecurity, any kind of a symbolic void that the person tries artificially to fill with carbohydrates. It can be a depression or loneliness. If it's your case, if you suffer from depression or loneliness, this session alone won't be enough to solve you problem. Besides working on sugar, which is a more a consequences, than an initial problem, you should also work on the root problem, the cause: your depression, loneliness or another problem that you may have.

For this reason, this hypnosis session is not sold alone, but together with a Depression healing audio-hypnosis session (suits to treat anxiety as well) and an audio-hypnosis session treating fear of lack in order to maximize the therapeutic result.

I created this general audio-recorded hypnosis session which is based on my knowledge in psychotherapy and on many years of my professional experience with a lot of patients having all kinds of addictions. Consequently, it's an exclusive hypnosis session, very different from everything you can find on Internet.

I included all psychological reasons of the addiction to carbohydrates, known in my practice, in this session. The problems such as depression and loneliness are treated separately in other audio-recorded hypnosis sessions (that you can also buy separately if you need only them).

Advantage of this method: the price is affordable. You can download the session and listen to it as many times as you need, which lets you save a lot of money. You can also take the audio-recording with you, if you go on vacations, you travel... Or, if you have to stay at home for different reasons, because of a disease, for example, you can listen to it in your bed and improve your sleep which, as a consequence, will improve your healing.

Disadvantage: a general session (even if I tried to include any possible cause of sugar addiction) can't include details of your personal story. So, if you think, that the reasons of your problem may be completely different, you may need an one-on-one therapy with me.

Even if each story is unique, I recommend you to start by this general audio-recording. For a majority of people it will be enough to get rid of this addiction or to control it better. If however, after having listened for several times to this audio-recording and to others treating depression, loneliness and fear of lack, you see that there is still something to improve, because you have some special problem, and we should work on it personally, then you can ask me for an appointment for a one-on-one consultation + hypnosis. In this way, you will however save some money, because, a general audio-session will solve a big part of your sugar addiction. Consequently, you will need less one-on-one hypnosis sessions after.

The format: Mp4 digital downloadable product, 41 min

Sugar and starch addiction treating Package


Price – 200€ for 4 audio-hypnosis recordings: 1 treating sugar and starch addiction + 2 depression treating audio-hypnosis recordings + 1 fear of lack treating audio-hypnosis recording
You need to buy the whole pac if you are depressed or anxious, or suffer from any fear of lack

Oryou can opt for the Sugar and starch treating Package + Sleep improving hypnosis


Price – 250€


you may prefer an one-on-one therapy


In this case we do a consultation by phone, skype, or in my office. This consultation is followed by the first hypnosis. then, I do other hypnosis sessions, if necessary (generally three sessions are enough).

Advantage of this method: all hypnosis sessions are done for you and for you only, they can include any particular cases, an individual information. As a consequence, they are more efficient.

Difference: the price.

Price – 300€ for a one-on-one online consultation + a personalized audio-recorded hypnosis session

"Get rid of sugar and starch" hypnosis is very helpful for cancer patients


we know, a good sleep is indispensable for an efficient healing process.

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